Chat Cloud

Health Care

Over 70 percent of patients visit your website from a mobile device. Engage your patients by giving your website visitors a convenient medium to ask questions and set up an consultations.

At ChatCloud, we know how critically important it is to take a proper care of your patient’s medical information. We’re a  HIPAA compliant live chat provider.

  • We make sure that our servers are secured data centers.
  • Audit controls.
  • Encryption of patient’s contact information.
  • Chat transcripts are only forwarded to the intended recipient.
  • Records are removed immediately when requested.

If you’re looking for a service provider with a 24/7 availability to generate leads for you via your google ad clicks, social media or website then get our Live Chat feature for your website at free of cost with a 14 day free trial. For more details, please call us now, OR click the Live Chat to talk with one of our representatives available 24/7.

Getting Started

Give us a call or send an email. After understanding your needs we will assign you an Accounts Manager who is going to provide you with our plugin.