Chat Cloud


College aspirants are more attracted to instant messaging. Now you can gather student information via live chat and follow up on their admission interests.

Many students visit your website on daily basis and they definitely have potential to enroll in your courses. ChatCloud operators are determined to engage them and answer their course related questions. We help the aspirants fill out course/degree application forms and recommend them about the possible options to move forward. Our industry trained live chat agents 24/7 days a week in order to remove time zone barrier between your faculty and international students.

  • Customized set of questions and answers for new and existing students.
  • No student is kept waiting.
  • Personalize the chat window and theme according to your website.
  • 24/7 availability for local and international students.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Client Portal (Stats).
  • CRM Integration.

If you’re looking for a service provider with a 24/7 availability to generate leads for you via your google ad clicks, social media or website then get our Live Chat feature for your website at free of cost with a 14 day free trial. For more details, please call us now, OR click the Live Chat to talk with one of our representatives available 24/7.

Getting Started

Give us a call or send an email. After understanding your needs we will assign you an Accounts Manager who is going to provide you with our plugin.